Presonus studio one pro v1.5.2 mac osx ub-arcade. HotFile. 274Mb
Presonus studio one pro v1.5.2 mac osx ub-arcade. HotFile. 274Mb
Date: 27 Aug 2010, 16:52

Presonus.Studio.One.Pro.v1.5.2.MAC.OSX.UB-ArCADE | 267 MB
For the committed, spends-days-locked-in-the-studio producer, Studio One Pro adds a serious mastering suite, 64-bit audio, VST and AU support, more 64-bit Native Effects plug-ins, and boatloads more third-party resources. You can buy Studio One Pro separately or upgrade to it from Studio One Artist.
* Elegant single-window work environment
* Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
* Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
* Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player
* Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, Red Book CD burning, and digital release
* MP3 import and export
* AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
* Automatic delay compensation
* Advanced automation
* 64-bit audio processing
* Easy-to-use sidechain routing
* Stunning virtual instruments
* User-friendly sampler
* Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
* Real-time audio timestretching and resampling
* K-System metering
* Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface
* Works with key commands from Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic.
Cool New Stuff in 1.5
* Integrated QuickTime Video Player
o Import Video via + Button or Drag to Video Player or arrangement
o Video Offset setting with frame skip
o Audio track extraction
o Mute Button to mute audio embedded in Video
* First-of-its-kind Integrated SoundCloud Client
o Upload to SounCloud directly from Studio One
* Digital Release has Realtime Mixdown
* Added Album/Song Art to Project
* Added Post Fader Master Inserts to Project
* OSX Snow Leopard 64-bit Version
* Follow Edit Position Mode the timeline cursor follows the event position
* Improved Automation Editing
o Figure drawing (Line, Parabola, Square, Triangle, Saw, Sine)
o Unique Transform Tool Line, Parabola, Square, Triangle, Saw, Sine
o Selected Automation Track points locked to selected events (move selected automation with selected events)
* Key command editor
o Save/Load template
o Learn function
o Search function
* Undo History
o In Menu/View/History
* Drag to Browser functionality
o Drop instrument parts to File Bowser to export midi file at drop location
o Drop audio events or ranges to File Bowser to extort audio clip at drop location
o Fade is bounced to audio
o Drop Presets from mixer (Inserts and Instruments)
o To File Browser creates preset in folder of file system
o To Instrument or Effect Browser creates preset at user s preset location
o Works for FX chains (Drag insert label to browser)
* Rex file support place on audio track (only for 32 bit versions)
o Select single slices in the browser
o Load into Sample One with Right click menu
* Control surface placement for grouping fader banks together
o Mackie Extender support
o 4 Groups possible
o Arrange surfaces via drag and Drop
* File Type filter for Browser in Options/Locations/File Types shows all supported file types
o Add/remove user file extensions to list to be shown in File Browser
* Drum Map Pitch Name Editor
o Save/Load pitch name lists
o GM list available as preset
* Plug-in Bypass function (Automatable)
* Dynamic Timestretch - accomodates tempo changes within Events
* Delete time (Range) function
* Export Stems
o Tracks and Channels Choose from Tracks in the Arrangement, or Channels in the Console, including Buses and FX Channels
o Overlaps Choose to create overlaps if exporting between markers
o Select All/None
* Midi Preview player plays MIDI through the selected Instrument Track
o Expand MIDI files to Preview single tracks/drag them to the arrangement
* Constrain position when on dragging events between tracks
o Has an automatic snapping range
o Hold Shift to turn off snapping
* MTC Send option in instruments device
o Display Offset option in Song Setup to
* Clear recent documents function
o 1. in the menu
o 2. context menu on recent list on start page
* Quantize note ends
* Latency compensation for Insert FX on input channels
* Turbo mode for scroll while dragging (Press space bar while dragging)
* Locate when clicked in empty space (Options/Advanced/editing)
* Locate to mouse cursor command (Cmd + Space)
* Browser commands
o Delete, New Folder, Rename
o Move/Copy via drag and drop
* Global Dithering option in the Advanced Options/Audio engine enables use of third party dithering
* Drag audio ranges to Sample One or Impact (Audio will be bounced)
* Support for Apple Loops (CAF files, OSX only)
* Split at Cursor command
* Show in console command in Plugin Editor s plug-in select menu helps to find your open plug-in in the console
* Nudge commands in Edit menu
* Drag notes from Editor to timeline or browser (creates part or midi file)
* Set loop range Left and right with Cmd and Alt mouse click in the time line ruler
* Musical functions to Split Notes based on quantize and explode Pitches to new Parts
Effects and Instruments
* Native Effects 64-bit effects library with 26 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc.
o Ampire Amplifier-Modeling
o Analog Delay tape-delay emulation
o Auto Filter Envelope Filter
o Beat Delay Tempo-Synchronized Delay
o Binaural Pan Stereo Panning Effect
o Channel Strip Dynamics Processing and Equalizer
o Chorus Mono/Stereo Chorus
o Compressor Mono/Stereo Variable Compressor
o Expander mono/stereo expander
o Flanger Stereo/Mono Flanger
o Gate noise gate, now with MIDI trigger
o Groove Delay multitap and tempo-synchronized delay
o Level Meter sizable peak/rms meter
o Limiter Mono/Stereo Limiter
o Mixtool Phase and MS Utility
o MixVerb Mono/Stereo Reverb
o Multiband Dynamics mono/stereo multiband compressor/expander
o Phase Meter phase-correlation analysis
o Phaser mono/stereo phaser
o Pipeline hardware insert (use external hardware processor, with scope and delay compensation)
o Pro EQ 7-band parametric EQ
o Red Light Distortion distortion processor
o Room Reverb stereo/mono room reverb
o Scope full featured oscilloscope with sidechain input
o Spectrum Meter frequency analyzer
o Tricomp 3-band compressor
o Tuner instrument tuner
o X-Trem mono/stereo tremolo
* Four virtual instruments
o Impact Sample Trigger Drum Instrument with 32 drum kits by Ueberschall+ Now with multi-velocity layer capability
o Presence Sample Player Virtual Instrument with 200 sampled instruments by Digital Sound Factory plus 100 additional premium Digital Sound Factory sampled instruments
+ Now with multi-FX section and up to 96 voices
+ New Synth Session Soundset adds over 150 new instruments
o SampleOne Sampler Virtual Instrument
+ New design with high quality filter and switchable filter types, and now up to 96 voices
o Mojito Analog-Modeling Subtractive SynthesizerCode:

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