Pixelmator v1.1.3. DepositFiles
Pixelmator v1.1.3. DepositFiles
Date: 05 Apr 2008, 17:07

Pixelmator v1.1.3 - By n23sh

Published: Feb 26, 2008Released February 20, 2008

Pixelmator, the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X has everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images.


* Precise selection tools

* Full assortment of painting tools

* Retouching tools

* Every tool you need

* Layers

* Powerful color correction tools

* Breathtaking filters and effects

* Compatible with everything• It is now possible to constrain crop proportions in the crop tool options palette

• Crop rotate is available

• Double-click crop selection accepts crop

• Crop contextual menu includes crop and cancel menu items

• Crop tool and option + shift keyboard shortcuts now constrains proportions from center

• Crop tool and option starts crop selection from center

• Crop tool now crops layer masks

• Crop selection center point for crop rotation is available

• A crop function is added to the selection tools contextual menu

• Shift + rotate crop rotates the crop selection 15 degrees

• A bug that caused color shifting with some blending modes when using crop tool is fixed

• Other minor crop improvements have been implemented

• Using the move tool contextual menu, one can select any layer that is behind the move cursor

• Layer mask and linked layers now move together with selected layer when using move arrows on keyboard

• It is now possible to move the selection content when command key is pressed

• A bug that appeared after moving the layer with keyboard arrows (document close button was in the unchanged state, and undo would not work) is fixed

• It is now possible to move layers when using transform tools

• Thumbnail refresh after moving layer bug is fixed

• Hand tool works outside the canvas in the full screen mode

• Double-click hand tool works the same as fit in window

• Fit in window and actual pixels added to hand tool contextual menu

• A bug that caused keyboard arrows not to move layers after the selection was removed

• [CENSORED]m selection does not include the area outside the canvas when [CENSORED]ming in

• A bug that appeared when [CENSORED]ming using keyboard shortcuts (which did not always work) is fixed

• [CENSORED]m tool contextual menu now includes fit in window, actual pixels, [CENSORED]m in, [CENSORED]m out

• [CENSORED]m selection animation improved

• Minor [CENSORED]m performance improvements

• [CENSORED]m in/[CENSORED]m out using mouse scroll wheel with option key pressed has been added

• The precision of [CENSORED]m slider in tool options palette is improved

• A bug that caused incorrect size of picture when pasting it from Microsoft Word is fixed

• Using selection tools option + shift now works as a constrain proportion starting from center

• Shift constrains proportions independently of which selection mode is chosen

• A bug that appeared when using shift to constrain proportions (which did not work correctly) is now fixed

• Contextual menu for selection tools when selection is not available includes select all and reselect

• A bug that caused the app to behave strangely after opening an image when modal palette was active is now fixed

• A bug that caused some palettes to stay on desktop after switching the apps with command+ tab is fixed

• A bug that caused a delay when dragging palettes around the desktop is fixed

• The app remembers jpeg and tiff quality settings

• Shift clicking after selecting several layers in layers palette now removes layer selection

• The app will no longer open malware files that have image file extensions

• A bug that caused selection focus to disappear when using search in photo browser is fixed

• Photo browser now shows pxm preview

• Photo browser now understands exif rotate parameter

• A bug that caused clone stamp tool to change the color after painting is fixed

• A delay that occurred when using clone stamp tool close to its source is fixed

• A bug that caused type layer to have errors when using crop tool is fixed

• A bug that cased a small memory leak when generating pxm preview is fixed

• A crash that occurred when using clone stamp tool with larger images is fixed

• A crash that occurred when using painting tools with selection in quick mask mode is fixed

• A bug that caused photo browser not to show folder aliases is fixed

• A bug that allowed the movement from the desktop onto the canvas when using adjustments tools is fixed

• A crash that occurred when switching to other application when using crop tool is fixed

• PSD bug with memory fixed

• JPEG quality settings are now much more precise

• GIF compatibility improvements have been implemented

• Minor 10.5.2 compatibility improvements have been made

• Minor user interface improvements have been implementedSystem Requirements:

• Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later

• Core Image supported graphics card (recommended)

• Some features require Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and/or iLife.

38.8 MB | .DMGPass: n23shPosted by GabriolanDate - Mar4, 2008 10:35:38 If you don't have Photoshop, try this. Otherwise this app seems to duplicate most of Photoshop's menus with a prettier GUI. No rulers. Thanks for the upload.

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