(iPhone) SmartSplice. Appscene.org
(iPhone) SmartSplice. Appscene.org
Date: 28 May 2009, 19:40

Digital Staircase Inc.
Released: May 08, 2009
Size: 0.4 MB
Latest version: 1.1
Stop tediously selecting individual pixels! SmartSplice uses advanced graphics algorithms to greatly improve the speed and ease of creating high-quality image selections. SmartSplice even handles partial-translucency! Along with the provided image filters, this allows for some very powerful and professional-looking image effects.
* Quickly extract image objects with ease
- Extracted objects can have well-defined or
fuzzy/semi-translucent boundaries
- Extracted object can be further refined by the user
if desired
* Insert extracted objects into any image
- Allows you to change size and position
* Filter images for advanced effects
- Age filter (gives images and old-photo look)
- Defocus filter (reduces detail to reduce distractions)
- Light bloom (accentuates brights to give a soft glow)
* Images and extracted image objects can both be saved
and shared.
NEW FEATURES in Update (version 1.1):
* During insertion mode, double tap screen to flip
and/or rotate a clipping (extracted image)
* After applying a filter, an undo option will appear.
* Optional pop-up instructions during extraction, insertion,
and rotation for extra guidance.
* Updated Help with a link to tutorials on how to achieve
some fun effects.
(1) Leave only a specific portion of an image in full color.
(2) Leave only a specific portion of an image in focus.
(3) Splice various objects into a single image.
(4) Paste over unwanted parts of an image.
(5) Extract objects and insert them at different sizes.
(6) Make specific objects glow via light bloom.
(7) Add missing people into pictures.
The extraction process is simple:
(1) Load an image (or capture via a camera on iPhone).
(2) Choose "Extract object" from the menu at the bottom.
(3) Use the "Rough outline" tool to quickly paint a very
rough outline of the object (this outline can be coarse,
but should cover the actual object boundary).
(4) Click "Next" and use the "Foreground" bucket fill tool
to fill in the rest of the foreground object.
(5) Click "Extract object".
(6) Optionally further refine the extracted image if desired.
Click "Edit clipping". Use "Erase" to erase and "Restore"
to undo any erasures.
Note: You can always use the "Move/ m" tool to drag and
m the image. Single touch to drag, pinch to control m.
All the example output images were created within only a couple minutes.
Questions and feedback can be sent to: support@digitalstaircase.com
For more information, visit:
5-8-09: Version 1.1 approved for sale.
4-30-09 : Update submitted (for version 1.1). Should be arriving in the store soon!
4-16-09 : Tutorials and examples are now up at

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